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Cameron Great Lakes is a manufacturing/marketing company with significant age and experience. While the company is only 19 years old, the three principal personnel have cumulative work experience of nearly 90 years in the field of molecular chemical filtration.

The manufacturing/marketing by CGL is built around adsorbents, chemisorbants, and the associated delivery systems for both air and liquids. The equipment line of CGL incorporates over fifty (50) styles of units. Reactivation services for spent activated carbon is offered to the North American marketplace, utilizing existing contracted services while developing new reactivation facilities for localized and specialized applications. This allows CGL to be a diverse reactivation source oriented company in North America.

CGL specializes in developing new manufacturing centers throughout the world. Various based activated carbons are being developed to be on the cutting edge of adsorbent technology. Manufacturing facilities are currently being developed in offshore countries as well as in several domestic locations.

New filtration media development is a forte of CGL. As CGL develops and co-develops new products for the filtration market, CGL negotiates marketing rights and manufacturing rights, on occasion. CGL markets its products and services through an international network of representatives. Technical assistance, on site consulting and in house training seminars continually strengthen this marketing arm. Development work with the OEM marketplace is another one of CGL's major strengths.

CGL maintains and develops historical market business. The future of CGL will be to retain and pursue this business; however, new product development is a focus of the company. The professional staff of CGL is augmented by the hiring of specialists in target markets.

Strong networked relationships assist CGL to be one of the stronger corporate entities in the field of molecular filtration. Networked relationships combined with CGL's own manufacturing capabilities, warehoused inventory and technical support, offer the marketplace a magnified product and informational business partnership base.

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